About us

The Australian Organic Schools Program was first commissioned by Australian Organic Limited (AOL) in 2010. In November 2020, the Program was reimagined and relaunched.

Australian Organic Schools is an Australian Curriculum Assessment Reporting Authority (ACARA) aligned, complimentary program, designed to profile the Organic Industry within Australia.

The updated program is comprised of three units. Within each unit are fully resourced, curriculum aligned worksheets, guided practical and experimental activities, teacher led discussions and link to a variety of interesting videos.

Falling under the ACARA Cross Curriculum Priority of Sustainability, this program has been carefully curated to increase awareness on how Organic Principles and Practices interact and impact on Environmental Systems. Students will become aware of ways they can contribute to more sustainable patterns of living all the while continuing to diversify their current world views.

These resources have been made available to teachers and educators for free, in an effort to bring organic into classrooms across the nation.

Learn more about Australian Organic Limited on their website austorganic.com

Our Vision

To ensure every child has the opportunity to learn where their food and fibre comes from.

Mission Statement

To engage educators with comprehensive curriculum aligned and complimentary education programs suitable for use in Australian schools.